A band so-named because I had the domain hanging around and the band needed a name. It's not really a band, anyway. But if it didn't have a name, how would you find it?
You have one evening to create a song...
Dan Pope and I (Kevin Dowd) have been playing music together since the late 1970s. We played in bands, but the larger creative outlet has always been writing and recording. Starting around 2011, we began writing and recording with the following ground rules:

  1. We have one evening to write and record a song
  2. There's no going back and fixing it the next day, with the possible exception of re-mixing.
It's great fun. Nothing gets old. The result is always a surprise. In 2018, we picked up speed, meeting more often to record. In 2019, to-date, we've met about three times a month, producing a great amount of material.

The latest...

Merry Christmas, my imaginary friends! Two Christmas songs for 2019: Where is Santa Claus and the Christmas in Hell. Junky old instruments this time: a xylophone found at Savers, the ancient, single-purpose Yamaha CP-30, and a Roland D-10... plus the usual guitars, bass and such.

December 21, 2019

The creation of Rupert's Reunion, 2019

Some works, 2018 to 2019, most recent-first:  

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